Carers Feedback

Getting the carers perspective 

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We set up in a room with the tracks playing quietly and invited care staff to pop in and see us for five minutes when they were free.  We had prepared questions about the product, training material, subscription model and online community.  The response was so encouraging and inspiring.  They really got the fact that the tracks were finished but not complete until they had jammed with a person or group of people that they support.   

Individuals came up with ideas that played to their creative strengths.  One person said that she wasn’t musical but she could visualise bringing sounds, textures, smells and lighting into the equation, making a wonderful multisensory experience.  Another carer suggested incorporating sounds that related tclients previous work environments into the soundscape of a track.  Each carer really liked the idea of a subscription model and online community and had different preferences for ways of receiving training. 

What an exciting first market research session.  Thanks to the care staff we can now see even more ways our product will be able to create a meaningful connection with people at all stages of dementia. 

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