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It is now only four days to the launch of our new Care Home Jamming Kits.  These kits will offer downloadable tracks and an online course to empower care staff to get fun and engaging jam sessions happening in the care home themselves. 

We have been working on this idea for seven months now.  It all started when we were delivering jam sessions in care homes and everyone was having so much fun.  We quickly realised how important the care staff were to a successful jam.  Once they realised how much fun the people they cared for were having they transformed into jammers themselves.  We saw the potential for jam sessions happening in every care home by empowering carers to do this themselves.  We needed to figure out how to explain what we do and how we do it and make the carers believe in themselves to spread the joy of jamming to their care homes.   

So we set about writing an online course to go with eight downloadable tracks.  Each track has a theme, a soundscape and deliberately unfinished music track that is only complete when people jam and make the piece of music themselves. Early on in the product development we realised that we should speak to carers to see if they thought it was a good idea,  because while it would be the care home managers who were purchasing the product there would be little point if this wasn’t something the carers would run with.  A local care home allowed us to do just this.  We set up in a room in the care home with information and two tracks quietly playing and invited the carers to drop in for a few minutes to share their thoughts.  It was amazing.  They embraced the whole idea and came up with their own new ideas.  This was a memorable and uplifting moment in our creative journey.  

We are just making the final additions to the course and tracks so they are ready to go on the first of May.  It has been hard work at times but to be able to make something so positive has been a total joy. So here we are with just four days to go.  Four days to being able to offer a product that will improve the lives of people living with dementia in care homes.  A chance for carers to bring something different, inclusive, accessible and fun into their care home.  It’s almost time to spread the jam!  

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