Scat singing as an inclusive technique for music sessions

Scat singing as an inclusive technique


John scatting


In jazz music, scat singing is where the singer improvises a solo using their voice as an instrument.  No words are used, just made up vocalisations.  This is a highly skilled thing to do as the jazz singer knows the chords of the song inside out and thrill their audiences with their beautiful lines and arpeggios. 

It is also great fun to play with the scat style when you’re singing along to anything.  If you just listen to your musical track, take a deep breath and just start singing without words.  Stray from the melody and experiment with made up vocalisations.  You will feel a sense of freedom as there are no rules.  It is fun to do this with others.  This is why scatting is such an inclusive technique to bring to jamming sessions in the care home.  Some people in the session may well be non-verbal and we have found that people with quite advanced dementia join in and sing some very groovy lines.   

Here’s me having some fun, scatting along to one of our tracks – Boat on a Loch

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