Using Visuals to Support Your Jam Sessions

a dandelion field

A Visual Backdrop 

Here is a way to change the feel of your creative space and, for a while, transport your jammers into a magical escape away from the ordinary. People will be familiar with the lighting and feel in all of their spaces, so by changing the light for the session will make the experience feel more special. 

Different Lighting 

Changing the lighting can offer an extra way for people to immerse themselves and engage in your session and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just, exchanging the light bulbs on a couple of side lights for coloured ones or using some fairy lights, for the duration of your session, can completely change the vibe of your jamming space. 

Moving Lights  

LED disco lights (slowly moving) are very inexpensive and can really add to peoples jamming experience. The slower moving setting on disco lights offer the right level of stimulation. Too much movement of the lights would create tension, confusion and would not be conducive to a relaxing and chilled jam. You can get units that project moving lights and also coloured shapes and for a festive jam there are units that make a projection like falling snow. 

Other Senses 

By adding a visual aspect to the jam means that you are making the session more accessible and inclusive. There are many ways to engage in a jamming session and adding a visual aspect to the space means that an individual may enjoy just listening to what’s happening whilst watching the lights or video. Or the individual may not be able to hear but gain pleasure out of engaging with the visuals and being with other people. These are all valid ways of engaging with a jam session.  

Projecting Video 

The idea is to have a visual backdrop that is part of the whole jamming experience.  Projecting video is a step forward in the development of your jamming space. Projecting onto the walls or ceiling is far more effective than showing on a TV screen as the image is larger and fainter and is great for the immersive effect of your jamming space – the projection is also a light, so the video works much like a light in the space. Also, even the images from the modern LED projector, still carry some magic of the cinema somehow.  It’s great to have a theme for the video – go for slow moving videos with a symbolic theme rather than a story. It is important, not to have any narrative on your projected video as this would distract people from the activity and would be very confusing for people in the later stages of dementia who may be non-verbal and find it impossible to follow narrative. In our themed videos we deliberately make and use simple, slow moving forms and shapes that gently glide to support and inspire the session. You could also use videos from YouTube that include nature imagery – birds and skies, fish swimming in the ocean or trees been blown by a gentle breeze would all make great visuals for a jam. 

Why not offer an extra layer of stimulation to your creative and chilled jamming with music session. We’d love to hear how it went. Happy jamming! 

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