Bringing joy and a sense of achievement to the care home through shared creativity

We deliver care home jam sessions, joint-facilitated by musician John Phillips and artist Emma Ainsley lasting 1 hour, for up to 20 participants.  These are open door groups, allowing participants to choose their level of engagement - enabling people, for instance, to wander in and out of the sessions or take a more peripheral observer role if they want.  Or, of course, to grab an instrument or a scarf and join right in.


We have a wide range of instruments and percussion to suit all abilities, so everyone can join-in, and instruments can be adapted to enable access - for instance for people with poor grip or low strength.  We tune all the melodic instruments to the pentatonic scale, ensuring that the group  make a harmonious sound together.  We use seasonal themes and scenarios to inspire the jamming - for example a guided talk walk through a bluebell wood.  During the session we have warm-up exercises, jamming together with instruments, dancing with scarves and singing together.


Everyone at the session becomes part of the band and this is an important part of the social group experience, it also gives everyone a real sense of achievement.   Participants say: "This is the real thing", "We're actually making music together", "I can't believe I'm doing this", "We've really done something today".  We focus on maintaining the perfect level of creative energy, enabling great interaction and actively working to find ways for individuals to join in.


These are experience-focused group sessions, all about creating live music together in the moment.  They offer a rich sensory experience - with colourful gently moving lights, dressing-up with seasonal head dresses and with Emma leading movement and dance with colourful silk scarves, to add to the beautiful music we will all be making together.


The sessions are a magical creative space, a space for making music together, for playing, for trying-out new things and sharing skills.  The sessions give everyone an opportunity to step away from the everyday routine and to engage together in something completely different.  The multi-sensory approach enables individuals with a wide range of abilities to join in - even those with no ability to hold instruments can join in with vocalisations or simply following the lights with their eyes.



     The benefits


  • Realising the individual's creative potential by enabling them to use and discover new skills.


  • Enhancing community and social connection through shared creative expression.


  • Holistic stimulation - physically, mentally, socially and creatively with sessions facilitated to achieve the right balance of stimulation to be engaging and enjoyable for people with dementia.


  • Inclusive and accessible to all.


  • Improved feelings of well-being ... because it's so much fun to make music together.

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